Producer/Artist Spotlight: Carlos M.

Before I approach an Artist, Producer or Graphic Designer I look at the consistency in their work, how they engage with people they interact with and the quality of the product. I was excited to run across Carlos M.  I had a chance to talk with this dope Producer/Artist via Instagram and email.

Carlos M.
Let the readers know where you are from? Growing up, did you always want to work in the music field? Can you recall your first musical memory? Could you see yourself doing anything else today?                                                                  Born and raised in New Jersey - originally from Jersey City but bounced to Union City and now Weehawken. I always had a thing for music, singing boys to men as a kid tryin'a holler at shorties LOL! In all seriousness though, there was something about the soul. I later fell deeply in love with Neosoul and artists such as Musiq, Jill Scott, D'Angelo, The Roots and the list goes on and on... 

What is distinctive about Up The Hill Music?

The attention to detail and bigger sound. 

You're a producer and an artist. How does producing your own music compare to working for someone else? What are the pros and cons of each? Are there any methods of working that apply to both? 

I've never had the opportunity to work for someone else but look forward to it, especially in an industry setting! I think it makes a huge difference when writing and collaborating on different records I've never produced. There's something about the unexpected that really triggers the creativity. In either situation, it's key to not be comfortable. 

What are some of your favorite VST's and Sound Kits?

This is a loaded question - over the years I've bounced around quite a bit but I find myself always going back to Reason and with the latest reason 10 updates it's become even more inspiring. I really like to check out BigFish Audio from time to time, they have some amazing sounds. I'm a huge fan of Omnisphere, Nexus, Soundtoys and Waves.  

As a producer myself, buying sounds has its advantages over downloading free kits. How do you feel about downloading free sounds versus buying your drum and sound kits?

I think the main goal as a producer is to be able to take any sound and make it unique regardless of whether it's a free or paid sound pack. Exercise your brain! 

What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

Tricky Stewart, Brian Michael Cox, Teddy Riley, TM88, Chris Henderson, The DREAM, EGO Death -- there are so many more!!!

Tell us about your studio. What were the criteria when setting it up and how does this environment influence the creative process? How important, relatively speaking are factors like mood, ergonomics, and technology for you? 

Growing up in a poor house it took quite some time to buy everything, after some heavy research and good friends in the industry helping me save headaches I was able to find a good set of monitors (Yamaha HS8's), a fantastic interface (focus rite 18i20) and keyboard (Akai MPK 49 -> Nektar Panorama P4. The rest was up to being creative! As for Ergonomics always invest in a great studio chair, you spend a ton of time in it, you might as well be comfortable. Get the best money cables can buy, I highly recommend MOGAMI. 

What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

I have a fish tank hobby, two planted fish tanks. I love to paint abstract art in my free time and spend time with my lovely daughter Evie, she's my world. 

How important is versatility when it comes to producing music?

I feel being yourself and creating what you love is key but at the same time developing the skill to be able to follow trends is equally important as a professional producer in this industry. 

What advice would you offer to someone just getting started in music production?

Don't feel pressured to buy all of the expensive hardware and stuff from the gate, pick up Reason and some nice sound banks online (Big Fish Audio etc)and just have fun, everything else will fall in to place. 

What can we expect from Up The Hill Music in 2018?                                                          
Giveaways, FIRE Music Production, FREE TOP NOTCH BEATS and maybe even a placement with a major Artist!                                                                                            

Is there anything else you would like to share before we go?                                  

Create your lane, do what you love and don't ever stop!  


Submit Your Hottest 16 Bars

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Here is another platform to market your music to the masses. is a place to be heard, get discovered by new fans and grow your brand. The site is pretty straightforward. Create an account, upload, promote and maybe you'll make it on the show.

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StreetBuzz is an independent alternative Hip Hop platform serving the culture with an in-depth fresh raw perspective.

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Graphic Designer Spotlight: Elvis Salic

Elvis Salic is the creator of He is a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. Elvis was cool enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. 

When did you start doing graphic?

I started designing in 2009 during my last year of high school, my sister got photoshop from a friend to tweak pictures, one day I got on the laptop opened photoshop, I started to mess around with photos just touching things up the best I could ever since I have been using Photoshop every day.  

What is your process when getting started on a new project?

Before I start any project I go over all the details of the project with the client, I make sure the client and I are both on the same page before any work is put into the design. This helps me make sure I deliver exactly what the client wants. 

What are your biggest influences?
When it comes to design I don’t really have any specific influences, I analyze every design I come across be it on the web or in real life. If I am at a store I will look at all the advertisements
and analyze the design, break down in my head the design, try to figure out how it was put together and that helps me come up with ideas for my own designs. 
Have you worked on any big projects?

I have worked on a ton of “big” projects for example I worked with Tecate helping design the model cards for the ring girls that were part of the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight, I have worked with pornstars such as Christy Mack, I have designed a logo for a professional boxer, I have worked with youtubers such as and just a few “big” projects. 

Do you ever get stuck when coming up with design ideas for a client?  If so, how do get your creative juices rolling? 

If I get stuck on a design it will be for an hour or so but I never get stuck for days, I always come up with an idea. I go to the gym at least 5 times a week, this helps me reset my mind and as a result, I am able to always come up with ideas for a design.

I was looking over some of your work yesterday. How important is quality visual content to an artist brand?

Quality is huge when it comes to someone's brand. I have been told by clients that when I created a website for them or any sort of graphics their sales spiked when people see a good presentation such as a good website, they are more likely to buy from you. If you have a brand that does not look professional, people won't take you as serious. 

How do you balance work and your personal life?
This is a hard thing to do, I have to sacrifice social life a lot of times in order to get things done, it all comes down to priorities. I try to put time aside for friends and family but at the moment my main focus is work and taking my brand to the next level. 

Anything else you would like to add before we go?

To any anyone thinking or working towards being self-employed, I would say keep working towards it, for me it took several years before I was able to make a solid income but once things take off they take off fast. All you have to do is be consistent and work every day, treat whatever it is you are trying to do as a full-time job even if you don’t get paid as such. If you put the time an effort every day, slowly things will come together. The key is to never give up and put in work.

How to Make Money Selling Logo Intros and more.

A Hustle You can Start Immediately


Viddyoze is a web-based software that is easy to use, from novice to professional. I've been using it since mid-2016. If you've ever used Fiverr and run across a Logo Intro gig, 9 times out of 10 they use this software. That's where I got the idea from. Thanks, Fiverr.

I love it because you get studio-grade animation and special effects.  They offer great logo stingers, intros, outros, lower thirds, call to action (CTA) and transitions. I am not a big fan of their transitions but you might like them.

Creating your first project is a no-brainer. No special skills needed unless you find it hard to blink your eyes. If so, you are going to have problems. There aren't any complex instructions to follow. You will like a Professional. One thing I will say if you are going to use this to make money, do not accept any logos that are not a high quality. It will show in your work. Don't be afraid to tell your client no.

The other things I like about Viddyoze is that I don't have to run any software on my laptop. My laptop isn't crashing waiting on my video to render. You just need to make sure you have a decent internet connection. 

Believe me, when I tell you this will keep you busy. Every business needs attention. Sometimes I can't keep and have to put clients on hold. You can work this from anywhere. 

Viddyoze offers 3 different plans. The plan that I use is the $37 a month plan. I tried the one-time payment of $47. That was cool, but it got to the point where I was rendering more than 30 videos a month. I upgraded to the $67 one time payment and found that I quickly needed more options. I finally went with the $37 a month. With this, I got more exclusive templates to choose from. 

Well, I'm not going to hold you up to much longer. Click the Learn More link and decide what is your next move.

Selling Beats/Instrumentals Online

Selling Beats/Instrumentals Online: Tips and Tricks for Newbies

If you have experience in creating music and you are good at tweaking midi controllers, you may consider making money out of selling the tracks that you produce online. Yes, selling beats/instrumentals online can be the only job that you need to do, if you know your way around the various audiences that depend on purchasing and using tracks that are available.

Why Selling Beats/Instrumentals Online Can Be a Great Business

A lot of producers that know a thing or two about selling beats/instrumentals online make $20.000 or more extra income out of beat sales, which can improve over time. Instrumentals, one-shots, sampled materials and beats that can be used to sync with vocals run a lot of industries in music and media. The gaming industry, especially businesses that focus on mobile development, and film producers are very dependent on people who are selling beats/instrumentals online.

When it comes to the music industry, a good number of up-and-coming and established artists depend on samples or beats. Thanks to the feat of artist/producers like Lex Luger, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Mike will make it, and T-Minus, people have learned to appreciate beats, because of a certain attitude that they lend on a single or an entire album. Singers and producers have also learned that the quality of instrumentals and beats that they use can create a certain clout when it comes to fans across genres, and that could create a lot of buzz. That alone can make selling beats/instrumentals online very profitable.

Selling beats/instrumentals online: Getting Started

The first thing that you need to do is to know who you want to sell to. By now, you should be able to identify the genres that you are able to produce, and that would largely dictate the type of music that you can sell.
Depending on the genre that you know you can produce, identify the types of audience that are likely to buy your music. If you have tons of EDM, dubstep, and hip-hop tracks, you have a big chance of making it to the gaming and clubbing communities. If you produce chillout, RnB, jazz, and world fusions, then you can be welcomed by a lot of artists who are producing documentaries, music demos, and a whole lot more.
However, how you allow others to use the tracks you produce can also be a major game changer. In short, selling beats/instrumentals online may not mean that you are attracting certain music users that work specifically on genres and tempos. You can attract anyone who is looking for fresh music if you know how to market yourself. That offers you an entire universe of music enthusiasts who need music for their own craft.

Selling beats/instrumentals online: How Can You Sell Music?

The next thing you need to know is how you can make people listen to your produced tracks, and how you can give the information that you are selling music. You can create your own website that would catalog all of the beats that you are selling, or you can sign up with music selling sites that allow selling beats/instrumentals online under your name. You can also sign up with Soundclick and get a custom theme, but that would cost money.
If you don’t want to spend too much money without selling a single track, the best way to sell is through online music communities such as SoundCloud, ReverbNation or BeatStars. You can also upload your beats on YouTube. Include your email information and other details on how people can purchase your beats. To make transactions faster, you may want to make online wallets, such as PayPal or Google Wallet, which would also allow you to sell your beats internationally.
Now, here’s the moneymaking part. Once you are ready with your catalog, site, or community upload, you have to make sure that your music is licensed. You may choose to upload a few tracks and let others download them for free, but when it comes to the other more intricate or “better” tracks, the best and the easiest way to turn them into income is to make people purchase their licensing. Also, take note that selling licenses would be the framework of your business if you are planning to make selling beats/instrumentals online your full-time job.
What are those licenses, anyway? Lease licenses or non-exclusive licenses are great if you are selling beats/instrumentals online that would put a limit on the sales that your buyers can make out of the tracks that they get from you, essentially because you still have the rights for the beats that they used. You can earn $1 to $50 out of tracks that are licensed this way. Exclusive licenses, on the other hand, would allow your buyers to have all the rights to the music transferred to them, which means that they can create unlimited sales out of the tracks that they purchased from you. Since you are waiving all your rights, that would mean a much bigger income too, ranging from $50 - $1,000
Once you set up a website or become a member of any site that allows selling beats/instrumentals online, you may also want to promote and purchase works of other producers. That would not only make you more money, but you would also promote other types of music that your fans and regular customers may also like. That makes your producing clout bigger while making your community welcome fresh music from up-and-coming producers. You may also want to sell mp3 tracks that would help you create money if you are not receiving orders for your tracks yet. Just remember to organize all the tracks that you are selling so that clients can easily view lists of genres, tempos, instruments, and chords available
Make sure that you keep all these things in mind since these are the steps that launched careers of the most powerful independent producers online. Selling beats/instrumentals online would also mean bigger networks, and if you are planning to infiltrate the music business, being a good beats entrepreneur may land you the break that you need.

H-Town's best Rapper Kenneth Millyun is going viral with "The Search" on Soundcloud

H-Town's best Rapper Kenneth Millyun is going viral with "The Search" on Soundcloud

Press release from: Music Promotion Club
Kenneth Millyun - The Search
Kenneth Millyun - The Search
The music genre that has been only growing since its origin is hip-hop and rap music. Hip hop has started a new culture spreading its influences in dance, music, art and graffiti. The time of 80s and 90- in United States witnessed its maximum craze with youths speaking the language of hip hop. The craze didn’t take much time to spread its vibes globally and today hip hop is the top-notch genre in the world music scene. With technological advancement taking its leap, the fever of hip hop moved a step beyond with music sharing sites like SoundCloud. The gala is the best promotional and networking site for hip hop lovers and artists with new tracks getting streamed every new day. One artist who definitely grabbed the attention of SoundCloud users is Kenneth Millyun from Houston.

Up and coming rapper cum singer-songwriter Kenneth is adding blitz and glamour to the Houston Hip hop scene with his bizarre styled tracks. He made his debut with “February 17th (J Cole Inspired), an amazing mix single that portrayed his creative genius. Recently Kenneth has increased his fan following with the track “The Search” that is redefining his excellence in the genre of hip hop and rap.

“Growth” has nine different tracks and artist Kenneth has teamed up with different producers for creating best music pieces. Although every single track of the album are technically and musically perfect, “The Search” grabs special attention. Being the first single of the album, Kenneth starts proving his versatility right with it. The flawless rapping powered with sensual music score creates a delightful ambience. The track is an eventful blend between flawless rapping and heart melting song in the voice of Kenneth. Music lovers enjoy the soul feeding tracks of Houston’s rising Hip hop star exclusively on SoundCloud.

Please visit here to listen this song of Kenneth Millyun:

We at Music Promotion Club have helped various artists, musicians, lyricists and many others with Soundcloud Promotion. To promote your music and get an entry into the esteemed music industry, soundcloud promotion is very effective.

We manually do all the Promotions via our dedicated team and guarantee you to be able to show results after an week of promotion.

Music Promotion Club

West Bengal
Kolkata- 700040
5/10 A Netaji Nagar

This release was published on openPR.

Music Promotion Dead?

No! You are just going about it in the wrong way.

Self-promotion is something that has been talked about for the past 20 plus years. There are some basic rules that apply to any business, but we are just going to stick to the music. Some of you may not know the rules. I will point you in the right direction.  

First, let's talk about some of the things you don't want to do.

1. You don't want to seem like a robot. Let's use the beat maker on Twitter for example. All he does is post "Just dropped a new beat. Go download it here." or "I got 10 beats for $19.99." or "Beats with Hooks. Link in my bio" He doesn't post anything but that. There is no relevant content in none of his tweets. You have to humanize yourself. Engage yourself with the rest of the humans and stay relevant when promoting your brand.

2. Never buy followers, comments or likes. I mean never eeeeeeeever! You will look stupid as fuck with 50,000 follows and 4 likes (well 3 because you liked your own shit). People will notice that real quick. Plus it's a turn-off. Keep it real, you have a brand to protect. Be patient and build your followers the right way. 

3. Stop sliding in followers DM 26 seconds after they follow you. That is annoying. When people do that to me I just unfollow them. It's not genuine engagement. Especially when you are a producer and you tell me you have "20 untagged beats for $5.99." I know then that he/she didn't take the time to read my bio. 

4. Don't have 69 different names. Keep it simple. You don't want to make it hard for fans to find you. You want to try and make your name the same. If the username is taken add whatever the social media name is to your name. Example: @producerhereyoutube, producerhereig, producerherefb, etc.

You can use this next part in your strategy. 

1. It's alright to get personal with a non work related post. Humanize yourself don't be so predictable. Give your followers a reason to keep following you.

2. Reply to your followers to show engagement. That is another reason for them to keep following you. 

3. Reward your followers with giveaways. It gives people an entertaining reason to interact with you. A popular contest is the "Like to Win Contest."

4. About 20% or less of your content should be promotion. You don't want to be that person that only post what he/she has for sale.

5. Make sure you link all your account. You want to be found easily and fast. If a potential fan can't find you, then they will be a potential forever. Make your post count.

6. It is okay to follow other people that do what you do. They are not the ops. Show them some support and they'll show some back.

7. Last but not least. Spend a few dollars on your brand. If you need traffic, a hook, a dope logo, t-shirt design, music mastering, a bio, press release, a commercial for youtube or anything you think you might need to put your brand on 100. Use Fiverr. I am a Graphic Artist and I use Fiverr to outsource graphic jobs when I get backed up. I have used them for t-shirt designs, voice-overs, intro videos with my logo and site promotion just to name a few. For the most part, you do not need a lot of money. 


Fiverr has some good resources. You can also sell services. I do both. Sign up here.

Music & Audio

How to Sidechain Kicks and 808s with Clint Productions

How to Sidechain Kicks and 808s with Clint Productions

First, who is Clint Productions?

Clint MusicBorn and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Anthony Clint Jr. , also known simply as "Clint", prides himself in being one of the most versatile and professional producers in today's industry. Holding himself and those around him to a standard of excellence.

You can truly say music has been an integral part of his childhood through his musical family who assisted fostering his interest in music from as early as four years old when he developed a curiosity for the drums. "Both sides of my family are full of musicians, singers, songwriters, rappers and producers.  I remember waking up most mornings to my dad making beats and bass-lines with his mouth, while my mom was walking around the house singing! Music is something that I've always had and always will have a passion for."

This passion saw him move from drumming in his parent's church at the age of 7 to taking his musical gift to the next level by learning to play piano, which naturally progressed into music and audio production by the time he was 15 years old.  "God has blessed me with a gift that many are not fortunate enough to receive and I never take that for granted.  God has gifted me musically for a reason and I intend on using his gift given to me to the fullest.  The possibilities are endless!"

In 2005 Clint moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University.  Graduated spring of 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in Science In Human Ecology.  At the university he was able to connect with some of the local bands and groups including The African American Voices Gospel Choir.  This encounter saw him share the stage with artists such as Onitsha, Jonathan Dunn, Tonya Baker, Camille Betton, and Amante Lacey, an opportunity for him to watch and learn with some of the finest musicians in Columbus, OH.
In 2009 Clint developed his own production company Clint Productions LLC in Columbus, OH. He has since moved to Atlanta and is currently producing Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Neo-Soul and Christian projects for artists around the world who have caught on to his unique sound. Working with Grammy nominated producers and songwriters such as Dwight "Skrapp" Reynolds and Tiyon "TC" Mack. Producing soulful music for artists such as Krystal Monique, Audrey Williams, Dondria, Cassandra Stewart, Tina E. Clark, Grammy-nominated Tamar Braxton, Case and more. His music has been heard around the world in retail establishments and TV networks such as NBC, MTV, VH1, Fox Sports, TV One, Showtime and more

Clint is on a mission to create great, timeless music with material that the entire family can enjoy worldwide. "I want to create real, meaningful music with substance and a new sound in the music industry. Music with positive messages and real life situations that people can relate to, coupled with a track that's so hot that they can't help but dance to. I aim to produce quality music for up and coming artists, established artists, as well as TV/film."  

Anthony Clint Jr. is a voting member of The Recording Academy (The Grammys) and is currently working on music for various artists, TV and film projects. 

You can reach Clint on: Clint Productions Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

Video and Bio used with permission.

Editable Mixtape Cover PSD Template

Here is another dope mixtape cover. You can edit it to make it your own. All files are organized in folder. If you don't want to pay $50 and up for a dope cover, this would be a great option. At $5 you can't beat that.

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